Why everyone should do a Boudoir Session


  A few months ago I was talking with a friend and looking at photos from a trip a few years back. Both of us had the same reaction "omg look how good we looked" but at the time the photo was taken neither of us would have said that. So many women pick themselves apart or are always focusing on what could be better or what was. We should be embracing what we have now. Women's bodies are beautiful and what they are capable of is truly amazing and should be celebrated. 

  When I was growing up it was very rare to see an actress or model that was bigger then a size 2 in the movies or on the cover of a magazine. I can remember being 12 and not feeling skinny enough or pretty enough. I am so happy that today women of different sizes are more prominent in the media. It makes me so happy for young girls growing up now that they can see themselves portrayed. That hopefully they will grow up loving themselves just a little more as we all should.

  This is what lead me to taking a different approach to my boudoir sessions. While I think sessions with just lingerie are beautiful I wanted to showcase that one, you don't need to just wear lingerie to do a session and look like a smoke show. Two, that you don't need to be one size to book a session or put if off because you are not at your goal weight. So I had an amazing group of gorgeous women that agreed to model for me and I could not be more grateful to them for trusting me with this. 

  My dear friend Ashley from Maria Maria Photo also pointed out that if I am doing this I should do my own session. So she agreed to take some photos for me and I had the amazing Jenna Tomiuck (Minoletti) do my make-up. Honestly, it was one of the best days ever, it was so freeing and I had a blast. I was so nervous going through the photos after but when I had picked the ones a i loved I think I looked at them 20 times. I looked gooood. I am so so happy that I did it and that I made a day of it. Had my make-up done, modelled and went out for dinner. And now I know what it is like to be on the other side of a session. 

  I am so thrilled to be sharing these sessions (including my own), and thank you so so much to Riley, Shay, Jayme, Jess and Kristina for killing it. It is so important that we take time to celebrate ourselves and be grateful for everything we are blessed with. 

 If you would like to book your own session or have any questions at all just click on the contact page or e-mail me at info@jamiedawnphotography.com