Trevor+Linnea=Shangri-La E-Session

I died and went to photography heaven with Trevor+Linnea's E-Session. I was excited, nervous, happy, but mostly really really excited. I am shooting their wedding this summer in Thunder Bay but they are both currently living in Toronto. So when I decided to go visit my sister this past March for a week I realized it would be a great opportunity to not only meet Trevor+Linnea but do some engagement photos. Trevor works at the Shangr-La in Toronto so we were able to get some shots in the gorgeous lobby and the absolutely, insanely, beautiful massive Shangri-La suite. I could probably use more descriptive words for how awesome it was but I'll keep it to a minimum. Everyone at the hotel was great and we had a chance to have a lunch break. Best calamari I have ever had. We ended up spending the whole afternoon there, which was great because I hadn't had a chance to meet Trevor+Linnea in person. As much as I love meeting people, especially with this job which is constantly, I always get a little nervous before hand. But once they arrived they were so easy to be around and get along with. They are pretty awesome people, and never a dull moment. I loved their quirkiness together and creativity. I loved Linnea's outfit, and the accessories were made by her, which is unreal. The location, the couple, the city. My photo heaven. I am so excited for their wedding this summer and to be posting the full session. Check it out below and keep an eye out for Trevor+Linnea's wedding post :)