Shawn+Lindsey = Jamaica Destination Wedding

I started off 2014 by flying down to Montego Bay, Jamaica to photograph Shawn+Lindsey's destination wedding. I was looking forward to this for so many reasons but I had one main one. I love seeing people I love get married, especially when I have the oppurtunity to capture it with my camera. I had gone to high school with Lindsey and we reconnected a few years ago in Mexico. Oddly enough at a friends destination wedding where we were roomates. I was so thrilled to have gained back such an amazing friend and now a few years later to photograph her wedding. Shawn loves beer and baseball so it was only fitting that the first time he asked Lindsey out was at a Border Cat's game where she was a beer girl. Years later they are both where they want to be, on a beach getting married. Lindsey received a wedding day gift with the inscription "heart of gold" on the inside. It is the most fitting description for her, she has many amazing qualities, including being a rap star. But that is definetly the strongest, she has the biggest heart. A quality her and Shawn share is not only their ability to always have a great time but they are amazing friends. Throughout the week and especially the wedding day numerous close friends and family spoke about Shawn's friendship and loyalty. I also found out he is pretty hilarious as well. I am so thrilled that these two amazing people found eachother and can't wait to see them grow together. The week was amazing, as Shawn+Lindsey were surrounded by close family and friends to share their week with. They even had the opportunity to skype some friends that were unable to make it on the big day. Another plus was that their wedding day was also Lindsey's birthday. So there is now way either will forget the day and Lindsey receive's double the gifts. It was a week filled with sand, swimming, drinks, adventures and memories that they will have forever. I am so honoured I was able to spend the week with these two and capture the big day. Check out not only the wedding day photos below but some catamaran photos and trash the dress. Congratulations Shawn+Lindsey!!!!