Mike+Megan Wedding

When I first moved home to start my business here Megan and her family were one of the first family session's I did. To this day it is still one of my favourites. I loved walking into her parents house and seeing those images on the wall. Megan and her family were fun, kind and warm. I felt welcome into their home right away and comfortable. When I first met with Megan+Mike to talk about their day it was no different. Megan still had the same qualties but what was most evident was how happy they were. With Mike she had found someone who right away had all those same qualities I had first seen in her family. I had been looking forward to Megan+Mike's wedding and can't believe how fast it came. I knew that they would plan a beautiful wedding and how much fun it would be. And I don't like to brag but I was right. The morning was filled with fun and touching moments. From the groom getting ready and opening his gift at his parent's house. To the bride getting ready at her parent's house and her Dad seeing her for the first time in her dress. I have to say Megan's dress was stunning. I also loved how she had a lace topper that she could take on and off. It was gorgeous. For the portraits Mike gained us access to this amazing abandoned location and I loved the results. I honestly had such a hard time choosing which to post. Then we went to the Da Vinci for the Reception. The hall looked stunning and the night was so much fun. What most stood out to me was the speeches. Megan+Mike's family sure have a way with words because there was a few times I was close to tears. But my favourite was when Megan+Mike were doing their speech and Mike turned to his wife to thank her. Mike had no paper infront of him and spoke directly from the heart. I wish I could remember everything he said, it was perfect. Congratulations Megan+Mike! You two glow when you are around eachother and are the perfect example of love. I am so happy I was there to share in your special day. Huge thank you to Stacey for being my assistant for the day