Linds+Markus Engaged

I don't even know where to start to express my love and excitement for these two. I could choose at least 20 emoticon's to express it. Lindsay has been one of my best friend's since high school and I can still remember when she first mentioned Markus. I was away at college for photography so I would always call to catch up. I contnued to hear more and more about him and could not wait to meet him. Everyone is protective of their friends so I was hoping that this guy was treating her well because she deserves the best. I liked Markus right away but what I liked more is that he made Lindsay happy and he was cute so that was a plus. Over the years I have watched their relationship grow, and I now consider Markus one of my closest friends. These two are the perfect balance. They have enough in common but also enough difference's where it keeps it interesting. Their personalities are the perfect mix together and they are always so much fun. This summer they took a trip to Montreal to visit Markus's brother and they came home engaged. To say I was excited for them is an understatement. Right away we set up a photo session for their engagement. I picked out just some of my favourites below. I love the ones with their dog's Sophie and Layla. Lindsay is an amazing person and friend. I am so happy she has found her other half and best friend in Markus. I can't wait to stand up next summer and watch these two beauty's get married. Let the wedding festivities begin! Congratulations Linds+Markus!!!!!