Carolyn+Rene = Summer DIY Wedding

Blog posting is up and running again! I am going to start it off with Carolyn+Rene's outdoor DIY wedding. I had done photo's for Carolyn awhile before and not soon after she e-mailed me to tell me she was engaged. I was so excited and excited that I played a small role. Carolyn+Rene decided on a first look before haveing the ceremony and reception at her parent's house. Love first looks! The weather had been calling for thunder storms but luckily Carolyn+Rene had their own angel watching over them that day. Carolyn's mom, she made sure that not only did we have no rain but lots of sun too. Too make the day extra special, Carolyn+Rene were married on her parent's anniversary. Literally when I arrived at Carolyn's parents in the morning I was told to go outside because it looked like pinterest threw up on her wedding. Pinterest did, but it looked amazing. Everything was so beautiful and so much detail. I could go on and on about all the detail and preperation but I think the photos will speak for themselves. I have known Carolyn since high school, she has always had such a big personality that you want to be around. She is hilarious, kind and has a big heart. So I was looking forward to meeting the man who won her over. I did not actually meet Rene til that morning. But I was able to get to know him more throughout the day and through friends and family. Rene was fun, laid back and you could see how they complimented eachother so well. The day was filled with so much fun, love and amazing dance moves. I loved so many things about this day I don't even think I could pick a favourote moment. Congratulations to Carolyn+Rene, I know you two will have a life filled with love surrounded by eachother and everyone around you <3 <3 <3