Callen+Julia Wedding

I can't believe Callen+Julia's wedding has already come and gone. I had been looking forward to their day for so long. I knew it would be beautiful and filled with family, friends, love and fun. And that's exactly what it was.

Julia looked absolutely stunning. I knew whatever she wore was going to be gorgeous but I as blown away when I saw her dress. Her MOH Mom, Nellie Gravel, made her dress. It was perfection. There was a lot of rain on their day and a flood but as soon as we needed to do photos the sky cleared. After photos Callen+Julia were lucky enough to go on a helicopter ride with Wisk-Air. It was so much fun taking photos in the helicopter and outside of it.

The rest of the day was perfect, amazing speeches and great people. I have known Callen my entire life and it seems weird to think of a time where Julia was not there. They fit each other so perfectly, and I am so happy that they have found each other. I know that wherever their next adventure takes them they will be smiling and having fun as they always do.

I am also grateful for their cooking skills, their future kids are very lucky.

Congrats Callen+Julia!! 

Bride's Dress: Nellie Gravel   

Hair/Make-up: Terra Nova


Flowers: Metro

Cake: Family friend Bozena Grochowski

Groom/Groomsmem: Moores

Decor: Bellissimo