I love engagement session's as a way to get to know a couple and prepare for the wedding day. But it is always a fun switch up when you already know the couple. Britt has been one of my best friends since high school and I am so honoured to stand beside her next summer as she marry's Derek. It is going to be weird to not be taking the photo's but I am so excited see all their planning and love come together. I don't even know where to start to express my love for these two. Britt has a huge heart, she is kind, fun, loving and so many more things. I am so happy that she found someone to start a new chapter in her life. Derek is an amazing man who I know will always love and stand by her. Going through the ups and downs of life with friend's it fills my heart when you see them so happy. For the photos we headed out to Britt's mom's house, she has amazing property and it holds so many memories for the two of them. They were tasting a new wine her Mom+Step-Dad had found in BC for the wedding so we made a little photo session with it. The outcome, it tasted amazing and I can't wait to have more at the wedding. I am so happy that I was able to share this with the two of them and it's not a bad job when you get to hang out with your friends for a few hours. I am over the moon excited for these two and I can't wait for the big day. Congrats Britt+Derek! I love you both and wish you all the happiness in the world <3